I play Scottish Smallpipes, English Border Pipes and Swedish Bagpipes (säckpipa) and have lots of different bagpipey things, so this is my holding page linking them all together! I love to compose music, write ensembles and make things. I also have a Swedish sense of humour. I'll build on the site and add to to it over time, but in the mean time here are the links for you!

Tutor Website
The test site for my Scottish Smallpipe CDrom, so people know what it looks like and what they need to view the videos and listen to the audio.

Masters Website
Scottish Smallpipe teaching online.

Smallpiper Blog
Continuation of the teaching online using podcasting. Online since 2005.

Halsway Swedish Bagpipe Weekend
A weekend of teaching Swedish tunes for the säckpipa and bagpipes in general at Halsway Manor - 23rd - 25th March 2018

Recorded Tune Dots
A book of all the tunes that we've recorded, includes tunes by Vicki and also by Jonny. Lots of different keys for the different bagpipes.

The Swan Manuscript
A manuscript of 24 Swedish bagpipe tunes, available from our website. Inspired from a lost and found old original manuscript, (be very careful with this manuscript, handle with special historical plastic gloves).

Swedish Bagpipe iconography here!