Memory Stick of Tunes

We've written and recorded many bagpipe tunes in our time and we've now put them all together onto a 4Gb memory stick. The memory stick contains audio files, dots and slow versions of a lot of the tunes.

Tracks include:

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24 Tunes in the Swedish Style

Sometimes manuscripts lurk in the strangest of places...
There are three versions of this book available, one for Swedish säckpipa in E/A, one for Border pipes in G and one for nyckelharpa/fiddle. More details are below for the pipes versions.


For UK Residents
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For EU Residents
Which Sort of Bagpipe?
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Which Sort of Bagpipe?


24SPtunes24 Tunes in the Swedish Style for Swedish Säckpipa

Swedish Bagpipe (säckpipa) version of the 24 tunes. The instrument for which these tunes were made. Available as a book with digital download audio.


SWB24 Tunes in the Swedish Style for Border Bagpipes

Originally written for the Swedish Bagpipes this is a version written out for conical bagpipes in G (ie border pipes). (The tunes are mostly in C minor though, but written for readers of border pipes in G).  If you play bagpipes this is for you!  You need a set of pipes that has a minor 6th note (ie pipes with a minor 6th).  It'll work with Swedish Bagpipes - the written six finger note is a G.  If you play cylindrical bore pipes (ie smallpipes) as long as you have the minor 6th you'll be ok.  Scottish Smallpipes don't traditionally have this note, but Northumbrian pipes might be ok.  Let me know!  If in doubt, get in touch!

This is a duet book, so grab your pipes, a friend and have some fun! An album of the tunes is in the pipe line. Have a listen to some short extracts of a few of the tunes recorded on border pipes.